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Support your child’s success in school by starting every school day on time. Students who attain a perfect attendance rate each month are recognized for their commitment to learning. Based on the belief that school attendance is an important element of academic success, aim to have no more than 6 absences per year.

Morning supervision begins on at 7:30 am when the gate opens. The teachers will meet their students at their line when the bell rings at 8:05.  

Children that arrive after 8:10 am are considered late. It’s important to note that tardies and early outs affect the student’s attendance record. Three tardies of 30 minutes or more is considered an absence

Absences:  Schools are required by law to secure an absence excuse from a parent or guardian when a child has been absent.  A student returning to school after an absence of one to four days, must bring a written note from his/her parent stating the reason for the absence.  When the reason for the absence is illness, the specific nature such as cold, fever, sore throat, etc. must be given.  A student will be considered Truant until the classroom teacher receives this note.

Tardies:  The front gate will close promptly at 8:10 a.m. daily.  Students arriving after the gate closes must come with their parent to the Main Office to receive a tardy slip, and parents must sign them into the late arrival book.  If your child is tardy more than 30 minutes, we ask that you provide a signed and dated note stating the reason.  Conferences will be scheduled with the principal for parents who consistently drop off their children late to school.

Releasing Children Before Dismissal

Occasionally, you may need your child to be released before the regular dismissal time.  We can only do this under two circumstances:

  1. The parent or an adult listed on the emergency card is present in the office.
  2. The parent may authorized in writing another adult (18 years or older) that can come to the office to request the child.  That person must present valid identification.  By Board of Education Rule, we cannot honor telephone requests.

Students cannot be released to anyone under the age of 18.  We do not allow children to wait in the office to be picked up for appointments as this results in children losing instructional time.  No child will be released by a telephone request.  All children leaving at other than the regular dismissal time must be released through the Main Office.